Are Electronic Cigarettes a Safe Alternative?

ecigs-online-ukElectronic cigarettes are being considered as a healthy option for smokers who have become habituated to nicotine use. They are said to help to reduce smoking and even help to get rid of the habit altogether.

Earlier versions of these cigarettes were quite large, but the present versions are friendlier and the models now available are almost the same 100 mm in length, which is the same as conventional cigarettes. Electronic type cigarettes contain the tobacco taste, but manage to keep out all the other substances in nicotine, which at are harmful. So a smoker using an this cigarette will be able to satisfy the habituated cravings, while avoiding the dangerous toxins that are normally associated with this habit.

The electronic cigarette contains an atomizer, a nicotine chamber that can be refilled with e-liquid and batteries. The smoking action produces a glow at one end just like in conventional cigarettes and a vapor that is just like smoke. The nicotine chamber is refilled with cartridges which can have varying strengths of nicotine. This allows the user to control the amount of nicotine inhaled and move towards the desired goal of quitting the habit altogether. Cartridges last the same time as a pack of cigarettes will last. They are available with no nicotine or with low, medium or standard content.

The use of these modern version of cigarettes does away with the danger of passive smoking that many non-smokers are afraid of. This has therefore made them legal for use in closed environments where they were earlier banned. This is also an advantage to the person habituated to smoking, as they can continue to do so, without having to look for a separate space or smoking room.

There is an initial investment that has to be made for the cigarette kit, but in the long run can help to save money, as the cost of the cartridges are equivalent to the cost of 500 cigarettes. The question of where can I buy electronic cigarettes is easily answered by referring to the various websites that do advertise and sell the product. The question of which electronic cigarette to buy, is more a matter of personal choice, as there are any number of popular products. Their popularity has in fact led to a number of imitations that have flooded the markets and undersell the more reputed brands. These type of cigarettes are available in all countries and have made a substantial dent into the use of tobacco products.

The advantages of these cigarettes is still not clearly known, and it may be on par with the other aids to reduce smoking like other props like gum and nicotine patches. It however still remains a tobacco product and has had to contend with the opposition of all people who are against the growing and marketing of the weed. Some countries have accepted them as medicinal products. Studies have indicated that the use of these cigarettes has led to decrease in consumption of cigarettes, and are also avoided the side effects, that abstinence from smoking does cause in a people with the smoking habit.